Blessed Flame Slot Demo

Blessed Flame Slot Demo Machine Review: Theme and All Explanations

Blessed Flame slot demo is an Evoplay online video slot. In this amazing game, there are up to 6,300 active paylines on a grid with 5 reels and 7 rows. On one of the paylines starting with the leftmost reel, you must line up three or more matching symbols to win on this slot machine. Blessed Flame’s maximum payout is 4,100 times the bet, with a default RTP assessed at 96%. You must make a deposit of between 0.10 and 200 euros for each round of the game in order to enjoy playing it. The features of Blessed Flame are numerous and include the Olympic Free Spins feature, the Giant Free Spins feature, the Olympic Respin feature, the Giant Respin feature and the Destiny Piece feature.

Theme – Witness a battle between the gods of Olympus

The design of the Blessed Flame slot machine is based on the theme of Ancient Greece. In this game, you will be invited to witness a battle between the gods of Olympus and the giants. If you don’t want to incur the wrath of the gods, it might be best to stay neutral and not pick a side.

Although the theme is quite famous, the graphics of Blessed Flame are basic, including the design which is minimalist. As for the game, it is quite easy to understand. The action in this game takes place within Olympus itself. Here you will see rocks, mountains, clear skies, shrubs and half-destroyed temples. Your actions will be accompanied by epic music that fits perfectly with this kind of theme.


The payout symbols that the Blessed Flame paytable presents are numerous and divided into two categories. At the bottom of the ladder are the low payout symbols which are represented by a combination of cards including clubs, aces, diamonds and hearts. These award a reward of 0.1 to 0.7x the bet for a combination of at least three symbols of one type.

The high payout symbols are represented sometimes by the gods, sometimes by the giants. Among the gods who lead the battle are Zeus, Hercules and Athena. The latter pay between 0.5 and 5x the stake for a combination of three symbols of one type. The same is true for giants.

The game’s special symbols are a Scatter which is represented by a lit candlestick and two Wilds, including an Olympic Wild and a Giant Wild. Remember that even if these have a substitution capacity for other symbols, they will each activate a specific functionality.

A slot machine with multiple features

The Blessed Flame slot has a maximum payout of 4,100x the bet and offers several features. These include the Olympic Free Spins feature, the Giant Free Spins feature, the Olympic Respin feature, the Giant Respin feature and the Destiny Piece feature.

The Olympic Free Spins feature

To activate this feature, you must during the basic game obtain three blue-colored Candlestick Scatters. When this is the case, you get as a reward six free spins with 1 Olympic Wild symbol on each spin.

The Giant Free Spins feature

Similar to the Olympic Free Spins feature, you need to land three candlesticks to activate the Giant Free Spins feature. The only difference is that the candlestick flames will be red in color. You will also get 6 free spins and randomly 1 Giant Wild symbol each round.

The Olympic Respin function

To activate this feature, you must land two identical gods in two positions on reels number 1 and 5. When the feature is activated, the symbols responsible for activating the feature will become Wilds symbols before being locked in place. This will allow you to get more victory in the rest of the game.

The Giant Respin feature

To activate this feature, you must land two giants of the same type on reels 2, 3 and 4. Just like in the previous feature, these symbols will turn into Wilds before being locked in place until the end of the game. functionality.

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The Destiny Piece feature

This is a special feature during which a two-sided coin named “destiny piece” can appear. One of the two faces presents a god while the other presents a giant. Your objective will be to seek to collect this coin and you will be able to benefit from either the free spins or the respin spins. Remember that you can get both types of respin in the same turn.

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