Safari Sam 2 Slot Review

Safari Sam 2 Slot Review (RTP 96.30% | BetSoft)

In this Safari Sam 2 slot review, we will show you how to win the game. You wouldn’t know it by looking at it, but BetSoft’s first slot game was released in 2012. This gambling slot machine is released in early 2021, and it continues to focus on the African savanna and the same well-known hunter. 

However, certain adjustments have been made, and we now learn that the wild girl has been tamed, and she has joined Sam on his hunt for the continent’s wild creatures. The game finds us following Sam and Pam on their excursion, which is even better looking than previously.

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Best Safari Sam 2 Slot Review

Safari Sam 2 uses the typical 5×3 reels for support and has a lot of lines to make its combos on, totaling 50. Despite the number of lines, a single spin can pay up to 505x the bet, which isn’t much to get excited about. The Compass Wild, a random Call of the Wild, Safari Stacks, and free spins are all major features.

1. Wagering Options

At the bottom of the page, there is a list of bet alternatives from which you can choose. The lowest setting is $0.20, while the largest is $24. In short, this slot game is one of small bet slot games that released by BetSoft.

On the other hand, we expected more from a game with 50 lines than the 505x stake payoff offered by this real money slot. The RTP is decent enough, at 96.30%, so we know it’s a fair alternative, if not particularly thrilling.

2. Slot Features

Safari Stacks is a major feature, as well as a relatively unusual one, that is featured here. It requires the landing of three symbols of the same type on one reel. The award will be the equivalent of a three-symbol combination for that icon. 

The symbols involved are then removed, and a new set of three symbols is placed in their place. This will continue to pay you until you run out of matching symbols in those 3 places.

Compass Features

The Compass is a special feature symbol that you can use as a stand-in for other symbols. Only regular symbols can be used with this wild symbol. The symbol pays 10x the bet per line for its own winnings, just like the top symbol with Sam.

Call of the Wild is a random feature that adds Compass Wilds to 1-4 reels, completely covering them.

Acacia Tree

There will also be standard scatter symbols, depicting an Acacia Tree in this case. These scatters generate 7, 12, or 20 free spins if they appear three, four, or five times. They also provide payouts of up to 50 times the stake.

Free Spins

The free spins are unique, owing to the inclusion of the Call of the Wild feature in each round. This means that each spin can have up to four wild reels. Following the removal of the original symbols, you also substitute Safari Stacks with wilds.

3. Design and Theme

Safari Sam 2 is a sequel to a classic slot machine that has been around for a long time. The first game’s graphics are still good enough to compete with many of the newer releases, but the sequel takes it a step farther. 

The graphics are excellent, and we can see Sam and Pam to the sides of the reels, ready to help us when the time comes. The savanna is also depicted in the background, and the reels are set on the side of a massive African tree.

The game’s key icons include Sam and Pam, as well as wildlife (lions and zebras), the Compass, African Tree, Tent, Off-road Vehicle, and Royals.


At the end of this Safari Sam 2 slot review, it appears to be a good sequel in the series, a game with entertaining features but low enough payouts to drive many players away. Despite this flaw, we enjoyed the variety of extra features that were provided by; they’re all one-of-a-kind. You can play this slot gacor game at many trusted betting agent sites. 

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