Hot Spin Deluxe Slot Review

Hot Spin Deluxe Slot Review: RTP 95.98% (iSoftBet)

Are you looking for the Hot Spin Deluxe slot review? This game is a new iSoftBet slot, has many of the benefits that this game engine is known for, such as exciting features and high top payouts, but it also has some of the same drawbacks. 

We are talking about the high volatility rating, which, as it turns out, isn’t doing a particularly good job of delivering a great design or a unique theme. 

Nonetheless, in these games, the advantages tend to outweigh the disadvantages. You might recognize the name Hot Spin because it’s the developer’s fourth game, following the regular version, Deluxe, and Dice releases.

Summary of Hot Spin Deluxe Slot Review

Hot Spin Megaways has six reels and a system that awards anywhere from 64 to 117,649 Megaways per spin. Even by Megaways standards, it looks pretty good with a 50,000x jackpot, high volatility, and a 95.98% RTP.

1. Wagering Options

Even in games with Megaways, there is a specific way to place a bet in iSoftBet slots, and they don’t change it. There are 20 coins in use, all of which have the same denomination of $0.01 to $1. There is a betting range of $0.20 to $20.

While it doesn’t happen often, when you get close to the top potential jackpot on Hot Spin Megaways, you could win as much as 50,000x your stake back. 

As we previously stated, the chances of winning that much are slim, and the slot’s volatility is generally high. The long-term returns are acceptable, with an RTP of 95.98%, but we’ve seen better figures from other Megaways releases.

2. Slot Features

Every one of the six reels you have at your disposal will choose how many symbols to show you. On each column, 2 to 7 symbols are available, resulting in a total number of active Megaways ranging from 64 to 117,649.

If you make at least one winning combo, a cascade will be triggered automatically for you. This has the effect of removing the winning symbols, allowing a new wave of symbols to land in their place. The cascades will continue to function as new combinations form.

A wild symbol will appear in the game, but it will only appear on the middle four reels. Even so, if it shows up in the first place, it should be relatively easy for it to assist. It will be a common substitute that can be used in place of a standard symbol.

3. Theme and Design

In terms of theme and design, Hot Spin Megaways will appear to be a modern release, but it will not be a slot that has been given a lot of thought. 

A lot of low-value fruits (melon, lemons, plum, cherries) will be present, as well as the diamond (top symbol), the lucky 7, golden star, and golden bell. This is the standard symbol lineup for any older slot machine.

Final Words

In conclusion of our Hot Spin Deluxe slot review, the game has a lot to offer, and while a good design isn’t one of them, that’s true of most games released in this genre. Overall, this is a slot machine with a lot to offer, including a lot of features not found in other Megaways releases. Why not try something new like togel online.

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